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Why the Bad Ruling Can Exist

Isn’t it strange that governments do not want workers to have rights follow the laws, which are enacted for workers by governments? Aren’t the underlying reasons that employers can be above the laws and the employees must be below the laws? Governments don’t want to enforce the laws against workplace illegalities; to the contrast, governments enact and enforce bad legislations, for instance with respect to ABCC, which criminalize union’s right to remain silent. In reality, when a union openly discussed with an employer about issues in relations to a worker, the worker was sacked immediately CSR Viridian Limited (formerly Pilkington Australia Limited) v Claveria [2008] FCAFC 177 (30 October 2008).

Politicians who don’t opposite the bad ruling may believe the bad ruling can give bad bosses power to boost economy. What they get—HIH, Ansett, One-Tel, AWB and economic crisis and more to come.

Marshall Political Will, Defend Workers Rights

Put your unions or organizations on the support lists. Express your support for abolishing the bad ruling to the media, your local MPs and the Prime Minister. And marshal political wills to defend workers’ rights.